Songwriting and the Business of Music 6-Week Workshop

Hudson Valley Community College
Troy, NY
Starting Monday, April 8; 7-10pm
6 Sessions
Course #60026

Register at HVCC - $125
Showcasing new work by local performance artists!

Today's songwriter and musician needs to not only develop their craft, but also stay attuned to the rapidly changing marketplace of the new music business. No longer does a songwriter simply "get songs heard by a publisher." Today's musician/ songwriter needs information as much as talent. This course offers the beginner an opportunity to develop their craft to the point where it can be marketed, but also offers the more experienced songwriter a chance to refine their work and identify appropriate markets. Instructor Sandy McKnight is a veteran songwriter and producer who is active in the business, and keeps abreast of the latest trends in the new music paradigm. He offers constructive feedback, proactive advice and access to music business pros.


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