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Catalysts, members of CAT, make a difference in our community through their support of CAT's performing arts events and educational scholarships for youth. Catalysts receive special benefits, including acknowledgements in CAT's event programs and on the website, ticket discounts, and more.

Membership Levels Donation Special Benefits
Puddy Tat $25 to $49 Acknowledgement in program, website
House Cat $50 to $99 Puddy Tat benefits + 20% ticket discount to all events
Alley Cat $100 to $499 Puddy Tat benefits + 20% ticket discount + One free pair of tickets
Hep Cat $500 to $999 Puddy Tat benefits + 20% ticket discount + Two free pairs of tickets
Big Cat $1000 to $4999 Hep Cat benefits + CD + T-shirt + signage at all events + mention in press releases
Top Cat $5000+ Big Cat benefits + half page ad in all event programs + one CAT home show


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Become a Volunteer!

Volunteering for CAT is fun and rewarding. Get to know new people, enjoy a performing arts event for free, and most of all, be an active force in people's lives, and your community, through the performing arts.

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Sponsor a specific CAT event!

Do you care most about performing arts opportunities for youth? Sponsor one, two, or ten young people for a CAT youth event. Do you want to help struggling music artists find opportunities for their music? Sponsor music artists to attend the HV Songfest. The opportunities are endless to support a specific CAT event, young person, or artist, depending on what you care most about. And most of all, you'd be supporting the arts in your community.

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Opportunities with Benefits

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